Why Herman Miller?

We might be biased, but we think we make the best task chairs in the world.
One of the most common questions our teams get is “Why Herman Miller?”. Well, even though we’ve been in business for over 100 years, and have been instrumental in the development of the modern office set up, here are some insights into what Herman Miller stands for, and ultimately what stands us apart from the rest:
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Ergonomic Research

At Herman Miller, we work tirelessly to develop the very best furniture for both corporate and home offices. The Aeron you might see in a Global HQ is the same as the one you can purchase for your work from home set up. We regularly undertake research to find the latest thinking and guidance on posture, ergonomics, productivity and reducing health risks to ultimately help you create (and maintain) a healthy workstation.
Our performance DNA is woven in each and every chair we produce, combining natural balanced movement, total spinal support and a dynamic fit. We’ve made it our mission to truly understand people’s unique activities and needs, so that you can choose a chair with the right level of comfort for your requirements.
We also develop and refine our products to either release remastered versions – like the Aeron Remastered in 2016 and Mirra 2 in 2014 – or use our learnings from one product to apply to another to continually enhance our offering and create solutions to problems felt across the working world.
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We’ve learnt to push the boundaries on the materials and components being used. From the initial molded plywood and plastic back in the 30’s & 40’s to state of the art suspension materials and incorporating ocean bound plastics into our best selling products, we’re continually working to bring our customers the absolute best of the best.

Quality & Warranty

We really believe in our products, be that our iconic office chairs, our desks or the wide range of accessories on offer. They’re also built to last, using high quality parts and materials. That’s why Herman Miller offers a 12-year warranty on nearly all of our products, including all of our performance seating office chairs. That’s based on 24-7, 365 day use for 12 years.
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Looking after the environment has long been a core value for Herman Miller, and we believe in managing our resources responsibly to preserve Earth.


Our latest step in our sustainability mission has been to introduce Ocean Bound Plastics (diverting and recycling plastics in riverways bound for the Ocean) into our performance seating products, diverting an estimated 234 metric tonnes of plastic from entering our oceans annually. In doing so, we’re maintaining the quality of our products whilst doing our bit for the environment.
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